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Farewell, pipeline engineering headaches.
Hello, data insights! 80+ connectors, 0 worries.

Our no-code data connectors provide secure, reliable access to your data in just a few clicks --
so you can focus on analyzing and improving your business.

Data Teams Trust Our Pipelines


Maximize Data Pipeline Value, Minimize Data Engineering

Extract, load, and transform with built-in data quality checks. Our end to end pipelines are built with a metadata-first architecture which ensures you get the complete data picture. At all times.

Extract – Our integrations enable customizable data extraction, transform data at the source to adhere to data privacy constraints, and offer full visibility into data freshness and data quality. 

Load – Before loading your data into your destination, we offer schema mapping and migration, optimize source system load while extracting data, and enable full access to raw data staged before loading to your warehouse. 

Transform – Our Metadata-driven orchestration triggers transformations when all the data has arrived.


Installed in your VPC so sensitive data never leaves your environment.

High Quality Data

Out-of-the-box Data Quality Checks to guarantee the right data for your data analysis needs.

Change Data Capture

MySQL and PostgreSQL integrations into your data analytics warehouse. Worry-free.

Built to Scale

At Datacoral, we use a simplified three-part framework to inform our implementation of cloud-based data integrations and data pipelines. We started with a core implementation of centralized metadata and metadata-driven orchestration. We standardized the data and metadata interface for all components we built in the data and DevOps layers. Instead of just collecting and showing metadata, metadata is now part of the actual data flow itself.

Metadata First

Datacoral’s data pipeline platform has been built with a metadata-first approach. The advantages are clear to us because our platform helps us see the forest for the trees. We provide full transparency about the data coming in and data going out simply by monitoring metadata. In fact, we offer automatic schema discovery and change propagation. Engineers and analysts can easily write SQL queries for transformations and set data intervals for a view without worrying about collisions and data integrity problems. We help our customers become metadata-minded as soon as we begin working together.

All in on CDC

It takes a lot of effort and strategy to build a robust and efficient CDC pipeline. At Datacoral, we have built CDC connectors for databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL using our metadata-first data pipeline. Having worked on CDC along with 80 other connectors, we are convinced that CDC elevates the game of data integrations. Data integrations without CDC provide a mere shadow of the full picture of the data for analytics. If all sources start supporting event APIs, all data integrations will finally become a piece of software.

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