Free and Secure are not oxymorons

Datacoral’s fully-managed data ingest pipelines run inside your VPC, so you get to insights faster, without compromising data security.

Datacoral is HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 compliant, right out of the box.

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World-Class Data Infrastructure, Inside Your VPC

Get Data Fast

Spin up data ingestion pipelines with a few clicks, using our automated connectors. We integrate with your existing pipelines & warehouses.

Fully Managed

We keep your data flowing, respond automatically to upstream changes, and automatically monitor for failures and data integrity issues.

Transform & Publish

Write transforms in SQL and Python, create Materialized Views, and publish data to SaaS tools such as Salesforce, or your own custom database/ML model.

Security First

Datacoral deploys as micro-services within your AWS VPC, so your data never leaves your environment. Datacoral is GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and SOC2 compliant.

Our Customers are Data Innovators

“Datacoral has become an essential piece of our data infrastructure.”

Aaron Gibralter – Director of Engineering, Greenhouse

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“Datacoral made us smarter and sooner.”

Cyril Gantzer – Head of Growth and Analytics, Front

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Jyve uses Datacoral

“To us, Datacoral is like having an expert data engineering team and ELT pipeline for a fraction of the time and cost.”

Sam Purtill – Co-founder & CTO, Jyve

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Datacoral is your data engineering team

See what Datacoral can do for you

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