End-to-End AWS-Native Data Infrastructure

We provide a secure end-to-end data infrastructure, freeing AWS engineers from burdensome orchestration tasks and enabling data scientists to build models at a fraction of the cost and time. Our platform offers specialized building blocks to ingest data from any source, organize and transform that data in any query engine, and publish that data operational and analytic systems to maximize its value.
At Datacoral we make data infrastructure so streamlined, you won’t have to think about it.

Like you, data is in our DNA

For startups, building a technology company has become more accessible, but being data-driven has arguably never been more difficult. At Datacoral, your data pipeline problems are our problem. And it’s something we’ve understood and focused on for over a decade. We understand that in many ways, starting a company has never been easier—there’s been a proliferation of cloud providers, SaaS tools and services streamlining development, customer engagement, operations, and more. But this boom in technology products has also left companies with an ever-growing abundance of data that’s often difficult to store, audit, move, manage, consume and generate insights. Our founding team has come together to solve this problem and brings with them decades of experience in large-scale distributed systems and databases at 21st-century unicorns like Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo!, Groupon, AWS, and VMWare. Our founder and CEO Raghu Murthy has helped scale data infrastructure in internet technology companies for over 15 years and was instrumental in building out Facebook’s data infrastructure during its explosive growth years in 2008-2013. When Raghu joined Social Capital as an Entrepreneur In Residence in 2015, he saw a widespread need among companies large and small for simplified data infrastructure that enables data teams to focus on the strategic insights of data, not the flow and maintenance of it. In 2016, Datacoral was founded with goal of delivering a data infrastructure as a service that dramatically reduces the complexity of building data-driven products.

Our vision is in our name

We named our company after the source of the richest and largest ecosystems on the planet, which are teeming with life. Like a coral reef, when maintained correctly, data infrastructure can grow to be very large and support a vibrant ecosystem of data applications. Our deconstruction of data infrastructure into functional building blocks allows us to start small on any stack, and grow into a large and diverse infrastructure over time.

The Only Cost-Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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