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Datacoral’s data connectors extract data from many data sources and write them into data warehouses like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. Our award-winning architecture provides security and scalability with cloud on-prem deployments and serverless data connectors. Our customers’ data remains in their control and is always available for analytics.

Learn about our award-winning serverless and secure architecture.

Datacoral is Fully Managed

Inspirational Data Innovators Trust Our Architecture

Our Architecture

Designed ground-up for data-driven companies that value security, flexibility, and scalability of their analytics data pipeline.

End to End ETL

End-to-End ETL

  • Maximize visibility into every step of the pipeline: full observability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • All with no code!
Runs in Your VPC
  • Fully managed data pipeline within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Unprecedented security: Never lose control of your data
Fully Serverless
  • No explicit provisioning
  • Auto-scales to meet your data needs
  • Automatically retry on failures
  • Lights-out operations
  • Scalable

    Connectors built as serverless microservices so your data pipelines scale up and down to match your data volumes. This enables teams to scale from megabytes to terabytes of data a day without any reconfiguration.

  • Secure

    Deployed in your AWS account so your data never leaves your environment or network firewall, for complete data security.

    Additionally, all data is encrypted using your keys – Datacoral can never see your data. This unprecedented level of security means Datacoral does not even register as a data processor!

  • Built for Observability

    Connectors with built-in monitoring, alerting, and automatic retries for failures provide complete transparency for your pipelines.

  • Provided as a Managed Service

    Unlock data insights and not without becoming buried in software, database, and pipeline administration. We offer 24×7 support and automated upgrades with no downtime so you and your team can focus on data insights, not operational headaches.

  • Pay as you go

    With a serverless architecture, only pay for what you use with no hidden costs and save costs on data engineering.

Datacoral AWS Startup Architecture 2020

Award-winning architecture

Datacoral is proud to have our architecture selected as the AWS U.S. Startup Architecture of the Year winner of 2020.

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We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data

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