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Datacoral is an AWS-native data infrastructure, securely installed in your VPC. Datacoral builds data pipelines that extracts and loads data from over 75 sources through S3 and into Amazon Redshift, where analysts and engineers build SQL-based data pipelines that fuel the organization’s demand for consumable insights.

Datacoral and AWS Redshift Webinar: Smooth Sailing with Redshift
November 14, 8 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern

AWS Redshift Webinar on November 14

Datacoral knows Redshift

Redshift is a scaleable and economic data warehouse. Its an excellent choice for anyone moving their data, analysis and machine learning activities into AWS.

Join us for “Smooth Sailing with AWS Redshift.” A webinar featuring Datacoral’s CEO Raghu Murthy and Sudhir Gupta, Sr. Redshift Systems Architect who will discuss their experiences using and scaling Amazon Redshift.

You will learn how to

  • scale data pipelines in Redshift
  • handle high concurrency
  • absorb query spikes
  • seamlessly upgrade your Redshift cluster

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