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Analyzing Data in the Cloud: Is True Privacy and Security Possible?
In this talk, Raghu will discuss his experience building central shared data infrastructure at companies like Yahoo and Facebook, and will leave you with insights you can use to secure your own cloud-based systems.
Every day we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. In a bid to make sense of all this data, businesses have begun to employ and train data scientists and machine learning engineers. These job categories are so hot that a report by LinkedIn found that 6.8X more people list their jobs as Data Scientists and 9.8X more as Machine Learning Engineer today than they did five years ago.
Introducing Datacoral: A Secure, Scalable Data Infrastructure
Today, I could not be more excited to publicly launch Datacoral and announce our $10M Series A, led by Sudip Chakrabarti at Madrona Venture Group with participation from Social Capital and other investors. At Datacoral, we are taking a fresh look at how data-driven companies can dramatically reduce time spent managing data infrastructure — and instead focus on driving more business value from that data. Today, companies of all sizes want to be data-driven, which means successfully using the data they own to make their products or services better. But building infrastructure can be one of the biggest barriers to companies

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