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data infrastructure
Introduction Data connectors are a critical component of any company’s data infrastructure stack. They replicate the company’s data from different sources into a shared data warehouse or data lake, which then enables the data team to aggregate, combine, and explore all these datasets together. When a data connector is set up, it will start reading the data and the changes as they happen at the source, but will also trigger a “historical sync” for the table to fetch all the existing data, so that the data at the destination matches data at the source exactly.  Historical syncs are needed
data integration and change data capture
This article was originally posted on Towards Data Science here. Data integrations have been around for decades, but there has been a recent explosion of new, compelling data integration companies offering cloud-native, easy-to-configure connectors and quick access to high-value analytics. These offerings come from companies like Fivetran, Stitch Data, Matillion, and Airbyte. It can be difficult for any data team to know whether to stick to their existing data stack or to adopt these new tools. Though it’s great to see data integrations becoming more mainstream and new approaches emerging, we think there’s a growing gap being created by new
Change Data Capture with Google Analytics
Introduction Let’s pretend you work at a small identity protection startup and you’re getting acquired by a Fortune 100 corporation. You and 120 of your peers are waiting on huge acquisition checks, the champagne is on order, and there’s palpable, anxious excitement in the air. Morale is high and you’re all ready to join the big leagues. There are nervous smiles everywhere you look and you’re waiting to go on a hiring spree to start scaling. You’re feeling good… Until an email comes in from the acquiring corporation’s security and compliance group. You’re being asked some intense questions for
Datacoral AWS Startup Architecture 2020
Last year, we had shared that Datacoral had been selected as a finalist for the AWS Startup Architecture competition in the US. Today, we are excited to announce that Datacoral has been declared as the winner of this competition! Many organizations today are struggling to extract and consolidate data from many different data sources into a centralized warehouse. Datacoral provides data connectors for multiple sources (including change data capture connectors for databases) that allow business-critical data to be readily available for analytics for our customers. However, just moving data from source to destination isn’t enough. Data should remain secure,

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