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Datacoral Connector: Mux
Datacoral is excited to announce that our customers can better understand their video streaming performance by integrating video analytics from Mux Data using our Mux connector. Mux Data allows companies to understand video performance and the experience of users as they’re interacting with videos. In today’s world, having a granular understanding of every user’s experience is critical for the success of a product. Mux does an incredible job making it easy to gather the required data using just a few lines of code and provides an intuitive dashboard for navigating this data. Working with video data can be challenging
Datacoral Newsletter
\At Datacoral, we have had a very interesting transition to an all-remote team during the craziness that has been the COVID Quarter Q2 2020. We even moved our weekly yoga sessions to Zoom! We did a 24 hour remote hackathon where folks in the engineering team worked on several cool ideas to improve our developer velocity as we continue to work remotely. Latest news We now offer AWS credits for trials to a fully-featured secure free trial! We achieved Amazon Linux-2 Ready Designation this quarter. Our founder’s paper on Hive won the IEEE ICDE 2020 Influential Paper Award for
Jyve Leveraged Datacoral’s Batch Compute to Better Understand its Marketplace
Jyve: Company Background Jyve serves the Grocery and CPG industry by connecting them with a pool of skilled labor professionals, called Jyvers, who are trained to complete jobs like restocking shelves and auditing goods for expiry. As a gig-economy platform, Jyve understands that success lies in making both its partners and Jyvers happy and that data is an invaluable tool to gain insight into its marketplace dynamics. Focusing on the needs of its partners and Jyvers represents a mission that is unique to Jyve, so when Jyve’s tech team was beginning to grow its Data team it made sense
Datacoral’s Event-Driven Orchestration Framework Now Available to Customers
Introduction Datacoral provides an end-to-end data engineering platform to extract, load, transform and serve business data. In short, we help data scientists create and manage data pipelines with only a few clicks. As part of our installation process, we deploy a set of micro-services within our customers’ VPC to help them with their data engineering workloads. These services could be fetching data from a database like Postgres and loading data into a warehouse like Redshift, Snowflake or Athena. Internally, our services communicate via events, which we call “data events”. In this blog post, we will first explore what these
Datacoral offers Free and Secure Trials on AWS
Datacoral’s end-to-end data engineering platform allows customers to extract, load, transform and serve their business data, while ensuring that the data is always secure within the customer’s VPC. Datacoral’s stance on trials is to run them within our customer’s environments. This differentiates us from the typical SaaS vendors because in trials with us, customers can: run their production data using our software run all of their production traffic/workloads against their production data for scale testing This means that customers can try out Datacoral while ingesting their data securely. See what our current customers have to say about us! We
Datacoral Achieves Amazon Linux 2 Ready Designation
We have worked with AWS from the very beginning. We are proud of the team for staying on top of the latest and greatest AWS offerings! Original press release here: SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Datacoral, a Data Engineering Company, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Linux 2 Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program. This designation recognizes that Datacoral’s Data Engineering Platform has been validated to run on and support Amazon Linux 2. Achieving the Amazon Linux 2 Ready designation differentiates Datacoral as an AWS Partner Network (APN)

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