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Rollbar plus Datacoral
We are excited to share that our customers who use Rollbar for error monitoring in their software applications can now use our Rollbar connector to better analyze their current and historical software deployment errors and alerts across different environments. Rollbar enables software engineering teams to deploy better software, faster (we use Rollbar internally as well!). This is done by providing real-time alerting and insights into errors as they happen, so that the engineering team is empowered to fix issues before customers report them. Rollbar makes it easy to instrument applications across many different languages and platforms (Python, Javascript, iOS,
Measuring Data Quality in the Cloud
Data analysts use Datacoral connectors to replicate data from many kinds of data sources (databases, SaaS APIs, file systems, event streams, etc) into the data warehouse of their choice (Redshift, Snowflake or Athena). This allows them to combine, join and transform these different kinds of data to find meaningful insights. However, when connectors are syncing data from different data sources, how can they figure out if the data is being copied over correctly? In this post, we will describe how one might systematically determine the fidelity of the data being replicated in the warehouse instead of just relying on
How to Audit your AWS Account
At Datacoral, we spend a lot time thinking about security and building our product in such a way that our customers have complete control over their data and credentials inside of their Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. This has led to our unique architecture that allows for secure data ingestion from all kinds of datasources into the data warehouse of choice for our customers. Datacoral’s software deployment model involves installing our software in our customer’s VPC. Datacoral doesn’t have access to any customer data and our customers’ DevOps teams can have full control over all parts of their data
Drift plus Datacoral
We are excited to share that our customers who use Drift as their conversational marketing platform can now better understand how their prospective customers are communicating with them by using our Drift connector. Drift helps their customers convert their digital traffic into revenue through personalized targeting and engagement with intelligent chatbots. Drift chatbots qualify leads who visit their customers’ websites, automatically book meetings for sales teams, answer questions using a knowledge base and help up-level modern B2B Marketing and Sales teams. However, these Chatbots require monitoring and improvement to better respond to ever-changing behavior patterns of software buyers today.
Datacoral selected as finalist for AWS Startup Architecture of the Year
We are proud that AWS has selected Datacoral as one of the seven finalists from San Francisco for the AWS Startup Architecture of the Year Program! Datacoral’s Data Integration Platform for Analytics has a unique combination of serverless architecture with a cloud on-prem software delivery model. This combination provides complete data security, incredible scalability and convenience for our customers. This Platform has allowed to replicate terabytes of data from diverse kinds of data sources (databases, APIs, file systems and event streams) into different cloud warehouses without our customers having to write a single line of code or worrying about
Datacoral Connector: JDBC
Datacoral is excited to announce the release of our JDBC connector for ingesting data from any database into any data warehouse through the standardized JDBC interface. While Datacoral already supported ingesting data from multiple databases (such as PostgreSQL and MySQL), we wanted to open up our data integration platform for all databases and SaaS tools based sources that provide data access through JDBC. So, with our JDBC connector, our customers can easily replicate data from databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and services like NetSuite and SAP By Design that offer JDBC drivers all the while ensuring that

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