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MySQL Change Data Capture Slice
Datacoral has introduced MySQL Change Data Capture features to accomodate changes in existing MySQL records.
Data Programming Flow
Data Programming gives data engineers the freedom to work in data, and not in a piecemeal data infrastructure. This post describes how data is handled in each stage of the data flow pipeline, and the model by which it is staged or stored in the environment.
AWS Summit New York
Datacoral is headed to New York City on Thursday, July 11 as a Silver sponsor of AWS Summit at the Jacob Javits Center. The event is free and runs from 7 AM to 6:30 PM. We will be showing off our AWS-based Data Infrastructure as a Service (DIaaS) for data engineers, data scientists, Redshift administrators and BI analysts. Datacoral is a complete, end-to-end data pipeline service that runs securely in your VPC, connects to your cloud data, organizes and orchestrates it in Redshift, and allows users, applications and original sources to harness the results. Data is delivered as materialized

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