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How Many Team Members is Ideal
And what is the ROI if I don’t have to hire so many team members? I’ve been at Datacoral for two months.  In that time, I’ve met or corresponded with most of our customers. What impresses me is how they describe the value that our data-infrastructure-as-a-service brings them. More than one says that we have saved them from needing to hire a team of engineers to build out and manage their data infrastructure. Okay, that sounds like pretty big value, but it’s abstract value, because I can’t immediately assess what ‘team’ means in terms of membership size, responsibility, roles,
Data Programming Flow
Data Programming gives data engineers the freedom to work in data, and not in a piecemeal data infrastructure. This post describes how data is handled in each stage of the data flow pipeline, and the model by which it is staged or stored in the environment.

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