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Datacoral Connector: JDBC
Datacoral is excited to announce the release of our JDBC connector for ingesting data from any database into any data warehouse through the standardized JDBC interface. While Datacoral already supported ingesting data from multiple databases (such as PostgreSQL and MySQL), we wanted to open up our data integration platform for all databases and SaaS tools based sources that provide data access through JDBC. So, with our JDBC connector, our customers can easily replicate data from databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and services like NetSuite and SAP By Design that offer JDBC drivers all the while ensuring that
Datacoral Connector: Mux
Datacoral is excited to announce that our customers can better understand their video streaming performance by integrating video analytics from Mux Data using our Mux connector. Mux Data allows companies to understand video performance and the experience of users as they’re interacting with videos. In today’s world, having a granular understanding of every user’s experience is critical for the success of a product. Mux does an incredible job making it easy to gather the required data using just a few lines of code and provides an intuitive dashboard for navigating this data. Working with video data can be challenging

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