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Poeye stopped AWS Outage
This post was originally an email which our CEO, Raghu Murthy, shared with Datacoral customers in response to the AWS outage that occurred on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020. It is shared with light edits. We hope that you and your loved ones had a relaxing holiday break. One that was not too heavily impacted by the AWS outage last week. In case you weren’t aware, AWS had a pretty significant outage of its services in the us-east-1 region on the day before the Thanksgiving break. You can read more about the outage from The Verge and from the Washington
Redshift Data API Flowchart
Datacoral integrates data from databases, APIs, events and files into Amazon Redshift while providing guarantees on data freshness and data accuracy to ensure meaningful analytics. Using the Redshift API, we are able to create a completely event-driven and serverless platform that makes data integration and loading easier for our mutual customers. Redshift Blog about the Data API (Sep 16 2020) The Data API simplifies access to Amazon Redshift by eliminating the need for configuring drivers and managing database connections. Instead, you can run SQL commands to an Amazon Redshift cluster by simply calling a secured API endpoint provided by

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