Datacoral and Cloudera: end to end data infrastructure in the cloud

We are excited to share with you the news today that Datacoral has been acquired by Cloudera!
Cloudera + Datacoral

To our valued customers,

When I set out to build Datacoral, I saw a need in the data industry to provide secure, no-code, end-to-end data pipelines for teams looking to level-up their data. Too many analysts were trying to navigate a complex web of tools and vendors, and too many data engineers were focused on maintaining pipelines versus developing business value. I have published my original thesis here.

Over the past five years, we have scaled our team, our connector catalog (80+ and counting!), conquered self-serve CDC, and realized Datacoral’s early vision of creating a software platform that enables end-to-end data infrastructure with the click of a button. Along the way, we’ve had the privilege to help some of the most innovative companies become data-driven, and solve some pretty daunting data challenges.

But the work is not done. There are more teams to help, more integrations to build, and more evangelism to occur around end-to-end, cloud-first, metadata-driven orchestration.

That is why we are excited to share with you the news today that Datacoral has been acquired by Cloudera. Cloudera’s Data Platform has set the industry standard in terms of all-in-one data management systems, and with the addition of Datacoral’s cloud native end-to-end data integration platform, Cloudera is excited about a cloud-first future for data analytics management.

Together, Datacoral and Cloudera will be able to provide enterprise-level products to startups and mid-market data-driven companies. Not only will Datacoral continue to operate and provide existing customers with the end-to-end data pipelines they have grown to love and trust  – we are looking to grow our current customers’ use of Datacoral products and services.

We’re excited by what we’ve accomplished together over the years, and are excited to provide Datacoral customers even more ways to meet your needs. For more on this news, you can read more on the Cloudera website.

Thanks for your continued support of Datacoral and welcome to the Cloudera family!

Robert Bearden
CEO, Cloudera

Raghu Murthy
CEO and Founder of Datacoral



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