Datacoral Connector: Drift

Drift plus Datacoral

We are excited to share that our customers who use Drift as their conversational marketing platform can now better understand how their prospective customers are communicating with them by using our Drift connector.

Drift helps their customers convert their digital traffic into revenue through personalized targeting and engagement with intelligent chatbots. Drift chatbots qualify leads who visit their customers’ websites, automatically book meetings for sales teams, answer questions using a knowledge base and help up-level modern B2B Marketing and Sales teams.

However, these Chatbots require monitoring and improvement to better respond to ever-changing behavior patterns of software buyers today. This is where Datacoral’s Drift connector comes in. Our customers use the Drift connector to ingest data from Drift into their Data Warehouse of choice (Redshift, Snowflake or Athena). Now, with some simple SQL you can dig into how visitors on your website are interacting with Drift’s Chatbots and combine this data with data from other integrations such as Salesforce, Outreach and Hubspot to understand end-to-end Sales and Marketing performance.

The Drift connector can help you answer questions like:

  • Which team member has the most engaging conversations with site visitors and which team member’s conversations lead to the most meetings?
  • Which Drift Conversation Playbooks lead to the most qualified leads in Salesforce?
  • Which are the companies whose employees most frequent your website (using custom attributes from a third-party service like Clearbit connected to your Drift account)?
  • What conversations do existing customers have before their contract expires?

For complete details, check out our documentation page for the Drift connector. If you have any questions about analyzing conversational marketing data from Drift, drop us a note at or sign up for a free trial.



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