Datacoral Connector: Marketo

Marketo plus Datacoral

We are excited to announce that our customers who use Marketo for their marketing automation workflows can now use Datacoral’s Marketo connector to replicate all of their marketing data into their data warehouse of choice (Snowflake, Redshift or Athena).

Marketo enables digital marketing teams to be successful in a variety of ways, whether by helping personalize content for the right audiences, growing customer relationships or getting a handle on account-based marketing. Marketo’s solutions provides all the capabilities for a marketing team to attract and nurture prospects and help the team collaborate with our functions in an organization.

While Marketo provides visibility into the customer experience and allows a marketing team to enrich and segment audiences appropriately, it is much easier to generate insights and perform analysis when this data can be combined with other sources and queries using SQL. That’s where the Datacoral Marketo connector enters the picture. Our customers can use this connector to ingest all your Marketo data into a warehouse of your choice. This data can then be combined with data from other SaaS sources such as Salesforce, Drift and Google Analytics to get a more complete picture of how your customers are finding you, trying out your product, and converting into customers.

For complete details, check out our documentation page for the Marketo connector. If you have any questions about analyzing marketing data from Marketo, drop us a note at or sign up for a free trial.



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