Datacoral Connector: Rollbar

Rollbar plus Datacoral

We are excited to share that our customers who use Rollbar for error monitoring in their software applications can now use our Rollbar connector to better analyze their current and historical software deployment errors and alerts across different environments.

Rollbar enables software engineering teams to deploy better software, faster (we use Rollbar internally as well!). This is done by providing real-time alerting and insights into errors as they happen, so that the engineering team is empowered to fix issues before customers report them. Rollbar makes it easy to instrument applications across many different languages and platforms (Python, Javascript, iOS, etc) with their pre-built SDKs.

While Rollbar makes it very easy to collect data from different applications and surface recent errors for triage, it can be challenging to understand longterm trends about the quality of software deployments. This is where the Datacoral Rollbar connector comes in. Our customers can use this connector to ingest data from Rollbar into the Data Warehouse of their choice (Redshift, Snowflake or Athena). The Rollbar data can then be combined with data from other Datacoral connectors such as Github, Jira and Phabricator to get a complete picture of software engineering deployments.

The Rollbar connector can help answer questions like:

  • How many distinct errors occur after a deployment and how has this number changed over the past 6 months?
  • Which have been the most critical errors in the past 6 months and how many occurrences were seen for that error? Which environment or platform was the most impacted?
  • Which errors have not been resolved for the longest time? Have the occurrences for this error changed in frequency over time?
  • (When joined with Github or Jira data) How long does it take from an error to be noticed on Rollbar, to it being tracked in Jira and to a patch being committed in Github?

For complete details, check out our documentation page for the Rollbar connector. If you have any questions about analyzing software error and deployment data from Rollbar, drop us a note at or sign up for a free trial.



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