Datacoral offers Free and Secure Trials on AWS

Datacoral offers Free and Secure Trials on AWS

Datacoral’s end-to-end data engineering platform allows customers to extract, load, transform and serve their business data, while ensuring that the data is always secure within the customer’s VPC.

Datacoral’s stance on trials is to run them within our customer’s environments. This differentiates us from the typical SaaS vendors because in trials with us, customers can:

  1. run their production data using our software
  2. run all of their production traffic/workloads against their production data for scale testing

This means that customers can try out Datacoral while ingesting their data securely. See what our current customers have to say about us!

We already offer a free trial for our software with its entire feature set, but customers still have to pay for the cloud costs of running the trials. While our serverless architecture means that resources are used in the most cost effective way possible (in a pay-as-you-go manner), we realize that this can be an important consideration for customers.

Datacoral plus AWS

Today, we’re excited to announce that together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we will cover the costs of the cloud resources consumed in the customer environments during the trial with Datacoral. Through this partnership, AWS has shown that they are not only known for their customer obsession, but also for their partner obsession. We are thankful to AWS for allowing our customers to try out Datacoral without any cost while still getting the full experience of running their production workloads during the trial.

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