Datacoral wins the AWS Startup Architecture Competition

Datacoral AWS Startup Architecture 2020

Last year, we had shared that Datacoral had been selected as a finalist for the AWS Startup Architecture competition in the US. Today, we are excited to announce that Datacoral has been declared as the winner of this competition!

Many organizations today are struggling to extract and consolidate data from many different data sources into a centralized warehouse. Datacoral provides data connectors for multiple sources (including change data capture connectors for databases) that allow business-critical data to be readily available for analytics for our customers. However, just moving data from source to destination isn’t enough. Data should remain secure, connectors should scale with data volumes, data correctness should be guaranteed and data pipelines should be completely observable.

It is our unique architecture that enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of scalability and security. Our architecture is deployed inside our customer’s VPC, ensuring that no data leaves their environment. Our connectors are built as serverless microservices, which means that we are able to leverage the incredible scalability that AWS is able to offer. Datacoral’s customers are now processing an aggregate of 450B records per month using our connectors and they trust us with replicating their sensitive data in healthcare, finance and HR.

If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the form here or drop us a note at

In the meantime, check out our pitch video for the final stage of the competition below:

Datacoral’s architecture enables scalable and secure data connectors



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