Our Customers Are Inspirational Data Innovators

See how our customers use Datacoral to better leverage their data.

At Datacoral we make data infrastructure to our customers so streamlined, that they don’t have to think about it. 

Flexible. Reliable. Secure. Not just words or empty promises, but a guarantee we stand by. 

In our previous lives as data engineers and data analysts, we agonized with home-grown or cobbled-together data pipelines that were rigid, error prone, and unreliable. 

At Datacoral, we embarked on a simple promise — to bring “trust” to data pipelines where data integrations and transformation “just work” as they should.

Check out our Customers Testimonials about how Datacoral helped their business grow.

Datacoral Customers Are Inspirational Data Innovators

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DrChrono EHR, Practice Management, Medical Billing and RCM
Jerry Yi of DrChrono

Jerry Yi

Director of Data, DrChrono

“Datacoral has become our CDC partner who we can fully trust with our data.”

Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System
image 35

Aaron Gibralter​

Director of Engineering, Greenhouse

“Datacoral has become an essential piece of our data infrastructure.”

Asha Visweswaran​ of Swing Education

Asha Visweswaran

Co-Founder and COO, Swing Education

“We have been able to reduce our sales team’s efforts by more than 15% with Datacoral.”

Jyve Business Optimization Platform
Sam Purtill of Jvye

Sam Purtill

Co-founder & CTO, Jyve

“To us, Datacoral is like having an expert data engineering team and ELT pipeline for a fraction of the time and cost.”

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