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"To us, Datacoral is like having an expert data engineering team and ELT pipeline for a fraction of the time and cost."

Jyve Software is a gig-economy startup in San Francisco serving the $8 trillion dollar grocery industry. Jyve has built an app in AWS that connects retail brand-certified contractors, called “Jyvers,” to local grocery stores to provide white-labeled restocking services. These Jyvers accept jobs to unload daily deliveries to the grocer and re-stock their shelves and point of sale displays according to instructions provided by brands like PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive.

The Challenge

Jyve needed Datacoral to inform their Jyver recruiting efforts, their locations, availability and efficiency ratings. Prior to Datacoral, Jyve had little visibility into the job performance activities of their contractors, therefore they were unable to inform the brand owners and wholesale distributors about product inventory and sales promotion performance.

The Solution

In mid 2018, their founder and CTO, Sam Purtil installed Datacoral, an AWS-native data infrastructure platform that allowed them to define end-to-end data pipelines using a single environment and requiring only their knowledge of SQL. Datacoral collects data from over 75 data sources and follows AWS best-practices for data integration, Redshift operation, security and serverless deployment. Datacoral installs in the customer’s own AWS account and integrates over two dozen AWS Services including S3, Lambda, Redshift, VPC, Athena, Glue and more. Datacoral goes beyond traditional ETL by including orchestration, change recognition, monitoring, error correction and publishing data to any target system. Because they are able to catch data and schema changes as they are introduced, they then are able to assess the downstream impact of those changes, cleaning and clearing pipeline errors before Jyve even notices.

The Result

After deploying Datacoral, Jyve are now able to recruit new Jyvers in new markets more easily and provide product owners (the brands) inventory visibility within each store, all the way to the shelf placement, which they have never had before. Sam estimates that Datacoral has saved his organization over $250k annually by allowing their data scientist to maximize his time spent in data, and thereby avoiding the need to hire infrastructure specialists.

Sam Purtill of Jvye

Sam Purtill

Co-founder & CTO, Jyve

“Datacoral is saving us time, money and headaches by acting as our data pipeline team.”


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