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"We have been able to reduce our sales team’s efforts by more than 15% with Datacoral."

Swing Education is focused on tackling the nation’s substitute teacher shortage by matching top educators with flexible teaching opportunities at local schools. Swing Education recruits, screens, and supports thousands of substitute teachers each year via its easy-to-use, web-based platform. With over 100,000 absences filled to date at more than 1,100 schools, Swing Education is enabling our nation’s schools to improve the educational experience for administrators, staff, and students.

The Challenge

Swing Education had no formal data infrastructure in place and found themselves unable to obtain actionable information on substitute teacher availability and placement statistics, which made it difficult for their sales team to justify their services to the school districts to whom they sold. Their whole selling cycle was adversely affected and it was difficult to recruit new schools to join their service. They needed the ability to leverage data feeds from multiple sources and simplify access to that data to streamline the sales process. They sought to access data from their production system, built atop the Datomic database and combine that with data from Salesforce, Zendesk and other systems so that they could understand the health of their business, such as what percentage of their substitute teachers are placed in a given month or the ability to identify any patterns with churn.

The Solution

Swing Education was already committed to AWS, as that is where their production data in Datomic ran. Other systems, however, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Customer.io each ran in separate clouds. They needed to reconsolidate data from these disparate systems, transform it and publish it back into Salesforce and Customer.io without taxing their current staff. AWS and Daracoral were the ideal solution as they were already building out their production systems (Datomic) in AWS, and Datacoral securely installed in their VPC and built data pipelines using only SQL in Amazon Redshift. Datacoral appealed to them because of this AWS focus, and their serverless architecture with its cost-effective pay as you process delivery model allowed them to reduce their overall IT infrastructure costs by 90%.

The Result

After deploying Datacoral, Swing Education is now able to use the Salesforce.com data to track the availability of substitutes and school customers while drawing data from Datomic is helping improve forecasting and pipeline tracking so that both sides of their business – their substitute teachers and their member schools — are growing at the same pace. This helps them avoid hitting issues on either resource supply or school demand. They are able to enhance their customer outreach by publishing audiences to Customer.io, which allows them to communicate with both teachers and schools throughout the entire substitute teacher employment cycle. With Datacoral, managing their metrics and customer outreach has become a worry-free flow. Download the Full Swing Education story,

Asha Visweswaran​ of Swing Education

Asha Visweswaran

Co-Founder and COO, Swing Education

“Datacoral has significantly reduced the time and effort it takes to obtain actionable information from multiple data feeds. With less time spent on data management, our team can focus on growing our business and placing more substitutes in our nation’s public, private, and charter schools.”


About Swing Education

Swing Education connects high-quality substitute teachers with schools in need. We recruit, screen, and support a large group of substitute teachers, and we make it easy for schools to find the right sub at the right time. We believe substitute teachers play an integral role in education; after all, the average student spends six months of their K-12 career with a sub. By investing in substitute teachers (we pay for subs to get the qualifications they need and have helped thousands get in the classroom) and developing technology that enables schools to get coverage quickly, we’re improving the substitute teaching experience for schools, subs, and students.

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