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Data Engineering & Ops

Data Engineering & Ops provided by ELT-based data integration in AWS designed to collect data and automatically organize its transformations.

We provide ELT-based data integration in AWS designed to collect data from any source; automatically organize transformations of that data in Redshift, Athena, or Snowflake; and publish it to analytic, machine learning, and operational systems.

Based on cost-effective serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, our infrastructure seamlessly scales as your company’s data needs grow and change. Our data operations team ensures that you receive continuous access to relevant, timely data and can even help you with managing Redshift’s scaling features.

We install our serverless microservices in your AWS environment, therefore your data is always secure and is encrypted using your keys. You are always in control and we never see your data.

Datacoral is Fully Managed


Designed ground-up for data-driven companies that value security, flexibility, and scalability of their analytics data pipeline


Cloud On-Prem



Coupled with data quality guarantees, the Datacoral solution offers unprecedented levels of flexible data operations, data security, and cost management.

Infrastructure as Code

Scalability & Cost


The Only Cost Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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