Datacoral Customer Questions

What does the acquisition by Cloudera mean for you?

TLDR; Everything stays the same, and then it gets better!

Datacoral has been a strategic acquisition for Cloudera. They want to not only serve their existing enterprise businesses, but want to enter new markets of small and medium sized businesses that Datacoral has been supporting over the years. Aside from being excited about more robust features, and more easy-to-use, no-code connectors, customers will notice no change in Datacoral’s core product offering. In fact, thanks to Cloudera’s resources and belief in Datacoral, the end-to-end product will only become bigger, better, and more robust over time.

We value our customers and deeply care about helping solve your data analytics challenges. We look forward to being able to do so in this new chapter. Our goal as we move to the new chapter is to not only ensure there are no disruptions, but also speed up the product improvements in order to meet your growing needs. 

While we work on the details of incorporating Cloudera’s support structure and technology to serve you better, nothing changes for you with regard to your tickets, slack support (if you have it), or Datacoral personnel who you are interacting with. All of us here at Datacoral will continue to work towards building and supporting the Datacoral product that you trust. 

What happens to Datacoral Webapp (

The webapp will remain as is. You will be able to add/update connectors and transformations as before. You will continue to have access to the right pipeline metadata including data dependencies/lineage, runtime status.

What happens to the CLI, will there be any changes?

There will be no changes to the Datacoral CLI: you will be able to continue to use Datacoral CLI and receive upgrades as before.

You may also download the CLI from the details provided in the Webapp (Help Menu).

Will there be any change to Datacoral Documentation Website (

Only continued  improvements for our more robust features, and more easy-to-use, no-code connectors! Otherwise, will continue to exist.

What happens to the Datacoral blog (

We will continue to share insights for improving your data analytics on our blog, and you will see the content get richer and better in the coming weeks. Please keep sharing our posts!

Will there be any changes in who you interact with on our team?

Our goal is to make this experience smooth and worry-free for you as our customers! The entire Datacoral team who has supported you, will continue to support you and be available for any questions. We also have plans to increase our support capacity to better meet your needs in the coming months.

What happens to my open (planned / in-flight) product requests?

You will see no change in the way we operate,  and we will fulfill our product commitments to you, our customers, with the same level of urgency and priority.

What happens to the Service Desk? 

All active tickets will remain open and you will continue to have access to all closed tickets. Additionally, you will continue to be able to access the Help Center via (

What happens to the Customer Agreements / Contracts?

All active contracts  will be absorbed by Cloudera. We will reach out to  you if we are in active contract renewal discussions. Ranjan will continue to be your point of contact for any contract related questions. Please reach out to him at at any time.

What if I have additional questions?

We have already set up meetings in the coming days for Ranjan and Raghu to answer any of your questions! In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to for immediate assistance.

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