Flexible Data Integration

Full data connectors flexibility

It’s your data — and every data is different. You need flexible connectors to extract data from multiple sources and load it into your data warehouse to best realize your data analysis needs.

Different data sources support different ways of both specifying what data is to be extracted as well as how the data is to be extracted.

Datacoral and its flexible connectors support a wide variety of options that are easily composable for maximum flexibility in data integrations.

Data Sources

Need data? No problem! Load data from 80+ data sources.


Capture changes from your databases and see up-to-date data in your warehouse

Application APIs

Sync data from dozens of application or write your own custom connector


Instrument your applications to send data securely to your warehouse. Receive events from webhooks of any application


Automatically fetch the latest files written to SFTP and S3 and load them into the warehouse

Support various different extraction modes for the selected data:

Full Customization

Every data integration is different. You need full flexibility on how you choose, extract, and load your data.


Select the specific data to be extracted based on:



Ensure that data can be loaded into the warehouse with the greatest flexibility

Any combination of chosen data, extract modes, and load modes can be used to support specific requirements for analysis.

The Only Cost Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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