Farewell, pipeline engineering headaches. Hello, data insights! 80+ connectors, end-to-end ETL, 0 worries.


Full visibility into every step of the data pipeline.

Data Quality Checks​
Out-of-the-box Data Quality Checks to guarantee the right data.
Installed in your VPC so sensitive data never leaves your environment.​
Fully Managed
We are your virtual data ops team 24×7. Our pipeline keeps your data flowing.

Trusted by industry-leading data teams

How we guarantee the right data for your analytics:

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Change Data Capture

Your production database will always change. Keep your analytics warehouse in sync with your production database with our robust Change Data Capture (CDC) connectors for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Data Quality

Out-of-the-box automated data quality checks. Customizable to suit your needs.

Full Visibility & Control

Full visibility into data dependencies, table lineage, data quality and freshness metrics. Full control over all the data and metadata.

Why top data teams rely on Datacoral:

Instant Data Integration

Spin up connectors with a few clicks. We integrate with your existing pipelines & warehouses, or can stand up an entire data infrastructure for you in minutes.

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Fully Managed

We are your virtual data ops team 24×7 – the Datacoral pipeline keeps your data flowing, responds automatically to upstream changes, and recovers from failures and data integrity issues.

Scalable and Secure

Datacoral deploys as autoscaling serverless microservices within your AWS VPC. Your data never leaves your environment. Datacoral is HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Ready to replicate your MySQL or PostgreSQL data?

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