Maximize Data Pipeline Value, Minimize Data Engineering

Cloud-based data integrations that keep data in your control.

End-to-end pipelines. Data-driven orchestration.

Extract, load, and transform with built-in data quality checks. Our end to end pipelines are built with a metadata-first architecture which ensures you get the complete data picture. At all times.

Extract – Our integrations enable customizable data extraction, transform data at the source to adhere to data privacy constraints, and offer full visibility into data freshness and data quality.

Load – Before loading your data into your destination, we offer schema mapping and migration, optimize source system load while extracting data, and enable full access to raw data staged before loading to your warehouse.

Transform – Our Metadata-driven orchestration triggers transformations when all the data has arrived.

How Does Datacoral Work?

Datacoral provides serverless, ELT-based data infrastructure in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Datacoral is designed to collect data from any source; automatically organize data transformations in Amazon Redshift, Athena, or Snowflake; and publish it into analytic, machine learning, and operational systems.

We manage data pipelines that collect, organize, and harness your data so can derive data using only your SQL skills.

Datacoral’s infrastructure seamlessly scales with your changing data needs by installing serverless microservices in your AWS environment. This ensures your data is encrypted using your keys, is always secure, and is never seen by Datacoral.

Data Quality Guarantees

Automatically run your analytics on the freshest and most high quality data

Data Accuracy

Out-of-the-box verification to guarantee data accuracy

Data Freshness

Get visibility into data freshness automatically

Quality Alerting

Real-time notification on quality check failures

Full Data Visibility

Full Pipeline Transparency
Intelligent Control
Complete Data Monitoring

Simple Pipeline Building, Advanced Functionality

Build multi-level transformations with ease:

• Define transformations in query engine’s native SQL dialect

• Use Python for more sophisticated transformations

• Automatically trigger transformations when connectors refresh data

Publish data across your organization:

• Share data findings with executives and decision makers

• Publish data to third-party apps for company-wide use

• Grant direct access to internal applications by publishing

Fully Managed, Worry Free

Our fully-managed service, dedicated operations team, and 24/7 support take infrastructure headaches out of your hands.

Data Integrity​

We ensure data flows on time, monitor for failures, and fix any issues that arise. You get alerts if problems arise with data semantics. If we notice source system schema changes, we automatically propagate them downstream or notify you to make updates.

Optimized AWS Resources

We configure AWS services specifically to your scalability and functionality requirements and constantly monitor service performance to ensure they are available and operating efficiently.

Continuous Updates​

Auto-upgrades continuously improve your stack and seamlessly handle external API changes. We minimize your downtime with automatically scheduled upgrades and pause all processing beforehand to ensure none of your data is lost.

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