Fair and Simple Pricing

Our transparent pricing enables teams with significant amounts of data to scale and grow without surprise bills or price increases. Our generous 1 billion-row starter package will help you get up and running, and we provide our service as fully managed to meet your data needs.

You won’t see by-record charges and our highly customizable product enables startup and scale-up teams to take full advantage of our enterprise-grade CDC data integrations without having to pay enterprise prices.

Datacoral Base Installation:

• 2 Connectors (included in integrations catalog)

• 1 Destination (“warehouse/data lake”)

• 1B rows ingested/month excluding initial sync

• Unlimited users


Additional Connectors: $350+ per connector/month

Additional Destinations: $1000 per destination/month

Additional Data Volume: $100 per 100MM rows/month

On demand support pricing


5% of Monthly fee

  • Service Desk Access
  • Updates and Patches
  • Advisory Services


10% of Monthly fee

  • Slack Channel
  • Business Plan


20% of Monthly fee

  • Data Freshness SLA
  • Gold Plan

Enterprise Level Support Pricing

Available upon request

Compare Support Tiers

Feature Business Gold Platinum

File tickets for bugs/issues/questions you are seeing

Receive updates and fixes with no additional effort

Per customer dedicated Slack channel for informal communication between the two teams, such as basic questions and information exchange.

Data will be fresh 99% of the time during each Measurement Period (712 Hrs of 720 Hrs per table per month).

For complete terms and conditions visit here.

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We install in your AWS VPC, your control your data.

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