Maximize data team productivity while retaining full control over your data

Datacoral provides serverless, ELT-based data infrastructure in AWS designed to collect data from any source, automatically organize transformations of that data in Amazon Redshift, Athena or Snowflake, and publish it to analytic, machine learning and operational systems. We manage the data pipelines that collect, organize, and harness your data so that you can focus on distilling value from it by simply using your SQL skills.

Based on cost-effective serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, Datacoral’s infrastructure seamlessly scales as your company’s data needs grow and change. Our data operations team ensures that you receive continuous access to relevant, timely data and can even help you with managing Amazon Redshift’s scaling features.

Datacoral installs its serverless microservices, aka “Slices,” in your AWS environment, therefore your data is always secure, and is encrypted using your keys. You are always in control, and we never see your data. And we are HIPAA compliant, too.

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Data Centric Language

Focus on Data, not jobs and tasks

A declarative language to get live data from your data sources to any query engine. Just define views in those query engines and declare where you want to publish the view results. Datacoral’s runtime automatically infers the processing needed to keep the data live!

Data Monitoring

Automatic capture of Data Provenance

Given that Datacoral knows exactly what the data dependencies are, we provide full visibility into the schema-level provenance of all data from different sources, through all the transformations, all the way to your data driven applications.

Advanced tools to monitor data freshness and data integrity.

As new data becomes available in different sources, you get a comprehensive view of how up to date all of your analyses are. Datacoral’s monitoring tools give you a clear picture of both the freshness and the integrity of your data.

We catch data events early so you can take action

While we provide a fully managed service and make sure your data is flowing we alert you on events that require your attention. We pause the flows to prevent data inconsistencies. You can subscribe to any of these alerts for informational purposes or to build out tools on your end to manage the data issues.

Building Blocks – Slices

Serverless Microservices

Add Datacoral Slices to your stack as needed to collect, organize, and harness the power of your data. A standardized interface for data and metadata enables you to build applications that seamlessly create, manipulate, and share data throughout your organization.


Datacoral Slices provide modular endpoints for instrumentation, capture changes in production databases and retrieve data from any API. A shared micro-batch oriented data model simplifies building production-ready transformations. Receive your raw data schema in the analytics query engine of choice.

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No matter which query engine you use, Collect Slices from Datacoral makes the same raw data available consistently. Using the notion of materialized views, Organize Slices support building production ready transformations on any query engine. Simply define views in the native language of the query engine, declare them to be materialized, and Organize Slices ensure your views stay up to date.

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Share your data with decision-makers using Harness Slices, no matter what analytics engine you use. Harness Slices can publish data to third-party apps like Salesforce for company wide use, or to production databases for direct access by internal applications.

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Build your own Collect and Harness Slices (Coming Soon)

We have an extensive library of built-in slices to collect data from different sources as well as publish data to different destinations. In addition, we will provide a NodeJS SDK for you to write your own collect and publish slices.

Fully Managed Service

Worry Free

Datacoral provides a fully managed service, dedicated operations team and 24X7 support. You can leave the worry of your infrastructure to us!

Data Freshness, Data Integrity, Schema Changes

We ensure all your data flows are on time and as needed. We monitor for failures. If there are systems issues we fix them. If problems arise with the semantics of your data, we notify you. We also monitor for changes in schemas of source systems and either propagate them automatically downstream or alert you so you can make the changes required.

Optimize AWS services

We configure all the AWS services to best suit your scalability and functionality needs. We constantly monitor the performance of services like Amazon Redshift and make sure they are available and operating efficiently.

Stay up to date all the time

Auto-upgrades from Datacoral means your stack improves continuously over time and handles changes in external APIs seamlessly. We automatically schedule upgrades to minimize downtime. To ensure none of your data is lost, we quiesce all processing before upgrades and catch up on all the data following each upgrade.

Built-in Security

Never lose control of your data

Datacoral’s data infrastructure as a service is provided “in place” within the customer VPC. In addition, all data is encrypted using customer keys. That means you can deploy Datacoral as a fully managed data infrastructure stack without revealing any customer data. No data leaves the customer systems and all data is encrypted. The customer can control who has privileges to read the data.

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