Worry-Free Data Integrations

Flexible. Reliable. Secure. Not just words or empty promises, but a guarantee we stand by.
In our previous lives, as data engineers and data analysts, we agonized with home-grown or cobbled-together data pipelines that were rigid, error prone, and unreliable.
At Datacoral, we embarked on a simple promise: to bring trust to data pipelines where data integrations and transformation “just work” as they should.

Why Datacoral?

Extract. Load. Transform. Set up cloud-based data integrations with industry best-practice ELT pipelines.

Future-proof connectors with built-in flexibility to choose and extract data from a wide range of data sources

Automatically orchestrated multi-level transformations using just SQL

Built-in data quality checks that can be extended to meet specific analytics needs

Transparency and full visibility into every step of the data pipeline and data lineage

Fully serverless in the customer VPC for unprecedented convenience, scale, and security

Data pipeline optimization and warehouse management support

The Only Cost Effective Option

We install in your AWS VPC, you control your data.

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